Is the modern office redundant in the age of Covid? Lawrence Mohiuddine, MD of EMEA and The Americas at Unispace, thinks not. Office space offers more than just proximity, but can it keep pace with the remote work revolution?

Historically speaking, where an employee is based has almost always been a prevailing factor in their remuneration. Be it individuals working for the same multinational company, or workers from the same industry operating in different geographies, conventionally, pay has very much been dictated by the local economic climate. Going forwards, however, this practice may soon be consigned to the past.

Turbulent times can bring the best and the worst in leaders. In this webinar, Charles, together with Jenefer Morgan, the Head of People at BOOST&Co, shares insights on trust, transparency, a spectrum of control, self-care, and many more important components that make a leader worth to follow in the times of adversity.

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, current enforced digitisation of work may in fact catalyse digital transformation efforts in many companies and lead to a much more flexible approach to work.

On the Jonny Gould’s SME Walkabout Podcast, Charles Towers-Clark, together with the host Jonny Gould, discusses how companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees to accommodate the changes that will take place in technology and society over the next 15 years.