For many, Covid-19 has put life-work balance into perspective, with wellbeing now high on the priority list. Will a four-day week help to jump-start productivity, and maintain this focus on wellbeing post-pandemic? I spoke with Anastasia Leng of CreativeX about her company’s trial of a four-day week.

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, current enforced digitisation of work may in fact catalyse digital transformation efforts in many companies and lead to a much more flexible approach to work.

On the Jonny Gould’s SME Walkabout Podcast, Charles Towers-Clark, together with the host Jonny Gould, discusses how companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees to accommodate the changes that will take place in technology and society over the next 15 years.

We’ve all heard tales of CEOs ‘who couldn’t let go’. Where blustery entrepreneurial characters summon up their insurmountable egos and do their business damage, mostly by failing to hand over the reins to specialist staff who can do it better. However, today’s interviewee, Charles Towers-Clark, founder and (un-traditional) CEO of IoT frontrunner brand, The Pod Group, is exactly the opposite of what I’ve just described. He made the decision to step down as CEO and let his staff run the company, a move that has led to 50-100% YoY growth and little to no staff turnover. Towers-Clark tells us why all business leaders should do the same if they want human talent to compete with the rising dominance of artificial intelligence, (AI).