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Why Governments Should Be Using Blockchain

Cryptocurrency has had a lot to answer for in recent years. Bitcoin, Ethereum et al have hardly been out of the headlines since their inception, culminating in ‘the Crypto Crash’ of 2018 that shocked die-hard fans and investors  – but . . .

Read articleposted 14th May 2019
How AI Can Make Christmas Shopping A Dream


Shopping in the holidays may seem like chaos to you and me, but retailers have an arsenal of data-driven tools to define their strategy well in advance. The latest fashion trends, changes in the economy and even the weather all . . .

Read articleposted 27th December 2018
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Recreating Paintings With AI And 3D Printing


Using AI to create artwork may seem paradoxical, but the creative work of computers is increasingly being seen as of legitimate value. In a recent auction at Christie’s, the world’s largest and most famous auction house, an AI-assisted artwork sold . . .

Read articleposted 27th December 2018
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The Hidden Potential Of Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest bandwagon to grip the minds of the public. There has been a plethora of AR announcements over the last year – including Mozilla’s Firefox Reality (an AR/VR browser) and Snapchat’s Lense Studio that lets . . .

Read articleposted 28th November 2018
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Using Artificial Intelligence To Fix Healthcare


The healthcare industry should be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a far greater degree than at present, but progress has been painfully slow. The same factors that make the healthcare system so attractive to AI developers – fragmented or non-existent . . .

Read articleposted 23rd November 2018
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Companies need to rethink their structures to survive AI disruption

Vanilla Plus

Within the next fifteen years, all specialised professions will be automated by artificial intelligence (AI), writes Charles Towers-Clark, the group chief executive of Pod Group. This technological shift will bring radical change to the workplace and make the vast majority . . .

Read articleposted 20th November 2018
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Why Do Employers Keep Salaries Secret?


Letting people choose their own salary works. With employee engagement in a state of stagnation, and 79% of workers citing ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving a job, opening up salaries is a powerful way to show your . . .

Read articleposted 15th November 2018
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Q&A: AI and the future of business

IT Pro Portal

What impact will AI have on the world of work over the next 10-15 years? Artificial Intelligence (AI) will disrupt industries of all kinds, from manufacturing to healthcare, but the technology’s most immediate impact will be felt by the workers . . .

Read articleposted 14th November 2018
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Adapting to the AI opportunity

Growth Business

Charles Towers-Clarke, CEO of online platform PodGroup discusses how artificial intelligence can help empower employees rather than replace them.

Read articleposted 14th November 2018
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AI will change everything, but only if we change too

IoT Global Network

The way we work has always been dictated by the technology available to us. As technology improves, says Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group, the workforce adapts to match the new standard of efficiency, and a whole range of jobs . . .

Read articleposted 14th November 2018
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The WEIRD Book


Book by Charles Towers-Clark

In The WEIRD CEO, Charles sets out the technological and societal changes that will take place over the next fifteen years, and explains why companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees. He outlines why CEOs and managers need to encourage Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility and Development (WEIRD) to make sure employees feel fulfilment and ownership in their work – and gives a fascinating and sometimes brutally honest record of the change process his company went through.

The WEIRD CEO explains how and why we need to change, in order to deal with a new working world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Click on the book to get the introduction and first chapter for free!

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