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Relayr: What If An ‘Agile’ Mindset Doesn’t Scale?

Scaling a business does not always gel with an agile mindset, and letting each employee carry their own load does not always lead to growth. I spoke with Guneet Bedi, SVP of relayr, about why scaling up can sometimes mean . . .

Read articleposted 12th April 2021
What makes a good listener? … in different cultures?

So you think you are a good listener? But is your style of listening suitable for different cultures? A good listener could be defined as someone who gives you a lot of attention when you are talking about your problems . . .

Read articleposted 16th December 2020
Geospatial Technology Could Solve The U.K. Housing Crisis


As we look to better manage our country’s housing issues, it stands to reason that new technologies leveraging AI will help us digitize available data to better analyze, plan, and inform the decisions we make around new housing development.

Read articleposted 10th November 2020
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Inspiring Confidence In Education With VR – Part Two


Stanford research shows an improvement in kids’ self-efficacy (confidence in their ability to tackle new tasks) when learning with VR. Can new developers and decreasing costs help to make VR learning a viable option?

Read articleposted 3rd November 2020
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Can VR Training Make Remote Work Engaging Again? Part One


VR could improve human skills training beyond traditional classroom or elearning methods, and it could also help those working from home to feel more connected and engaged with their colleagues. But can VR overcome obstacles such as cost and content?

Read articleposted 2nd November 2020
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Why Data Sharing Can Make Organizations Worldwide Smarter Together


While the value of sharing data has been proven multiple times over in the consumer sphere, businesses are less keen to share their piece of the puzzle – but with everyone facing unprecedented hardships, that could soon change.

Read articleposted 20th October 2020
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Do Algorithms Dream Of Electric Speech? What Virtual Philip K. Dick Can Teach Us About AI


“It seems to me that it is really impossible that it could be me.” What can a conversation between a virtual Philip K Dick and Dr. Ben Goertzel, one of the world’s leading AI researchers, teach us about the playful . . .

Read articleposted 2nd October 2020
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Does The Office Still Have A Purpose?


Is the modern office redundant in the age of Covid? Lawrence Mohiuddine, MD of EMEA and The Americas at Unispace, thinks not. Office space offers more than just proximity, but can it keep pace with the remote work revolution?

Read articleposted 18th September 2020
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Manufacturing Leaders Turn To As-A-Service Business Models Post-Covid


With reduced numbers of employees physically available, and factory shut-downs in many sectors, the manufacturing industry is turning to Equipment-as-a-service business models to try and pivot into a new way of working.

Read articleposted 16th September 2020
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UK Exam Results U-Turn: Algorithms Alone Can’t Solve Complex Human Problems


Taking exams is never easy, but getting an algorithm to decide results is far more difficult. The UK government have learnt the hard way that a badly constructed algorithm does more harm than good – the question now is if . . .

Read articleposted 4th September 2020
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The WEIRD Book


Book by Charles Towers-Clark

In The WEIRD CEO, Charles sets out the technological and societal changes that will take place over the next fifteen years, and explains why companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees. He outlines why CEOs and managers need to encourage Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility and Development (WEIRD) to make sure employees feel fulfilment and ownership in their work – and gives a fascinating and sometimes brutally honest record of the change process his company went through.

The WEIRD CEO explains how and why we need to change, in order to deal with a new working world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Click on the book to get the introduction and first chapter for free!

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