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Human Skills Will Be Most Important In The Digital Future Of Work

As many of us have moved to working from home and many companies will keep remote working permanently, the future of jobs looks like it will be increasingly digital but also increasingly focused on wellbeing and self-management. I analyze a . . .

Read articleposted 11th January 2021
Does The Office Still Have A Purpose?


Is the modern office redundant in the age of Covid? Lawrence Mohiuddine, MD of EMEA and The Americas at Unispace, thinks not. Office space offers more than just proximity, but can it keep pace with the remote work revolution?

Read articleposted 18th September 2020
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Manufacturing Leaders Turn To As-A-Service Business Models Post-Covid


With reduced numbers of employees physically available, and factory shut-downs in many sectors, the manufacturing industry is turning to Equipment-as-a-service business models to try and pivot into a new way of working.

Read articleposted 16th September 2020
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UK Exam Results U-Turn: Algorithms Alone Can’t Solve Complex Human Problems


Taking exams is never easy, but getting an algorithm to decide results is far more difficult. The UK government have learnt the hard way that a badly constructed algorithm does more harm than good – the question now is if . . .

Read articleposted 4th September 2020
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Is Facebook Doing Enough To Stop Racial Bias In AI?


After recently announcing Equity and Inclusion teams to investigate racial bias across their platforms, and undergoing a global advertising boycott over alleged racial discrimination, is Facebook doing enough to tackle racial bias?

Read articleposted 28th August 2020
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Understand the nature of your eating habits

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, and identity.” Jonathan Safran Foer. Eastern and Western cultures think in profoundly different ways – food is no exception. David Robson, author of the Intelligence Trap and former BBC Future journalist, explains in this . . .

Read articleposted 27th August 2020
I’m an adult with ADHD, what is right with me?

When we hear of somebody with “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”, we picture a wild, young boy who keeps banging against furniture as he runs through a classroom, oblivious to social norms.  Hence there is a common, but inaccurate, belief . . .

Read articleposted 27th August 2020
Trust Is A Keystone Of Digital Transformation


Reputable and trustworthy authentication is a keystone of any digital transformation project. But for businesses to really make progress and successfully move towards remote working, passwords need to be made a thing of the past.

Read articleposted 29th July 2020
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The Art of Complaining

“Often behind criticism, there is a wish.”  Esther Perel.  – Sarah to Pete; “I’m so annoyed at Helen. She never communicates what she wants. She expects us to read her mind and when we don’t, she gets frustrated!”  – Pete to . . .

Read articleposted 28th July 2020
It’s Not Rocket Science: Making Automation Accessible Key To Digital Transformation


Automation can save the job market, if put into the right hands. Digitally transformative technologies have become widely accepted by business leaders as a means of giving us a productivity boost akin to the industrial revolution. But as AI and . . .

Read articleposted 24th July 2020
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The WEIRD Book


Book by Charles Towers-Clark

In The WEIRD CEO, Charles sets out the technological and societal changes that will take place over the next fifteen years, and explains why companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees. He outlines why CEOs and managers need to encourage Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility and Development (WEIRD) to make sure employees feel fulfilment and ownership in their work – and gives a fascinating and sometimes brutally honest record of the change process his company went through.

The WEIRD CEO explains how and why we need to change, in order to deal with a new working world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Click on the book to get the introduction and first chapter for free!

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