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Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group, took a profitable, fast growing, hierarchical company... and tore it apart. His aim? To re-build it as a company positioned to face the challenges of the next industrial revolution. His new leadership book breaks the rules of traditional business management books and teaches CEOs how to lead in an AI dominated world.

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Reviewed by: Karen McCann,

Towers-Clark lays out a blueprint for survival in the years ahead, when automation and artificial intelligence will dominate our businesses and our lives. He identifies antiquated attitudes that no longer serve us in the twenty-first century — and suggests a bold new business model to take their place. With so much change happening at dizzying speed, this book offers insights and ideas that may enable you to survive, even thrive, in the dazzlingly different world of the near future.

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Reviewed by: Shanks Kulam, CMO of xmobility

Excellent reading material to stimulate the grey matter, highlighting the reality of how the world is exponentially changing, how one can consider accommodating such changes both in your business and personal lives and making one realise what you may have thought is Futurama is indeed here already…..OMG my car really can drive!

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About Charles Towers-Clark

The WEIRD CEO himself, Charles Towers-Clark came up with the concept for WEIRD CEO as a result of his 20 years' experience in the technology sector. His interest in the effects of new technologies on society made him realise that a radical change is needed within organisations to adapt to the seismic shift in the future of work which will be brought about by Artificial Intelligence. Armed with inspiration from some of the best leadership books from authors such as Ricardo Semler and Frederic Laloux, he decided to implement a new leadership and strategic management style within his own company, Pod Group.

He began this WEIRD process in 2015 and has documented his thoughts and experiences in his new leadership book. Pod Group is the first real-life example of the success of the WEIRD CEO management style and he is now working with companies across the globe helping them implement similar processes.

In the meantime Charles is writing more about his methods of leadership and ways to lead in world dominated by Artificial Intelligence on

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Author - Charles Towers-Clark

Author of the weird ceo, charles towers-clark

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