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The Top Five Challenges In IoT Digital Enterprise Transformation (Part One)

IoT technologies, database systems, and Artificial Intelligence have all progressed exponentially in the last few years—but there remain significant challenges in people’s understanding of how digital technologies function, and how quickly business benefits and ROI can be achieved.

Read articleposted 4th March 2020
AI will change everything, but only if we change too

IoT Global Network

The way we work has always been dictated by the technology available to us. As technology improves, says Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group, the workforce adapts to match the new standard of efficiency, and a whole range of jobs . . .

Read articleposted 14th November 2018
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Artificial Intelligence will take your job, and that’s no bad thing

City A.M.

Earlier this week, a report from the World Economic Forum predicted that robots, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will create 58m more jobs than it displaces. Good news, perhaps, but still, it could be your job that gets displaced.

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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The Dawn of AI Coworkers; The End Of Office Drones

AI Business

LONDON – Artificial intelligence will take your job. More specifically, narrow AI (programmes that excel at a specific task) will soon be able to handle any part of a job that can be made into a process and do it 100x . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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AI Revolution | Human input is key

Compare The Cloud

Humanity’s progress to date has depended on our ability to create new and innovative tools that help us to achieve more as a species. The introduction of AI into our lives will, without doubt, represent the next giant leap forward . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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AI will not take our jobs, but it will fundamentally change them

Gigabit Magazine

The rise of AI has prompted an open discussion on the merits and morals of this technology, ranging from unequivocal acceptance to knee-jerk paranoia, but it seems that common sense has yet to enter the debate. That AI will massively . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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Hello human, how may I help you today?’ – AI, marketing, and how to keep your job

Fourth Source

‘Hi, there! How can I help you today? P.S. I’m not a bot.’ I saw this message in a chat window earlier this week, and it caught my attention mainly because this AI chatbot wasn’t using Artificial Intelligence. Though tools . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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Leading the way: Why AI will help humans find their calling

Personnel Today

With predictions suggesting that AI could end up creating more jobs than it replaces in 20 years’ time, how will this impact workplace dynamics? Those that adapt quickly will fare the best, argues Charles Towers-Clark. Hollywood has filled our screens and . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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Sense and sensor ability: How AI and connectivity will help each other grow

IoT Tech News

Connected devices are getting smaller, cheaper, and more specialised. While connected systems as a whole are getting more intelligent, the actual processing power of these devices is not expanding at the same rate – opening up a host of issues . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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The Intelligent IoT: AI in the Connected Revolution

IoT Evolution World

IoT devices are all around us, and will communicate 400 zettabytes of data (that’s 4GB with 22 zeros after) by the end of 2018, but an AI component is needed to make sense of all this data – otherwise we end . . .

Read articleposted 18th October 2018
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The WEIRD Book


Book by Charles Towers-Clark

In The WEIRD CEO, Charles sets out the technological and societal changes that will take place over the next fifteen years, and explains why companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees. He outlines why CEOs and managers need to encourage Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility and Development (WEIRD) to make sure employees feel fulfilment and ownership in their work – and gives a fascinating and sometimes brutally honest record of the change process his company went through.

The WEIRD CEO explains how and why we need to change, in order to deal with a new working world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

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