What is WEIRD?

What is WEIRD?

Why About How

Technology has already hugely changed our lives, but that is nothing compared to the change coming in the next 5 – 15 years. We have (unwittingly) created the perfect sociological storm, including the social havoc that Artificial Intelligence will create, an increasing need for instant gratification, and an education and training system that is not preparing us for the future of work.

Any task that can be made into a process will be automated by AI, and more thought-based roles will emerge that we can’t even imagine now. This is why we need to change the way we think about work, and use our most ‘human’ attributes to work alongside technology, instead of being left in its wake.

By making these changes we will also reduce mental health issues and anxiety caused at work (almost 15% of people suffer mental health issues at work) whilst significantly improving relationships at work and home.

WEIRD can be applied to all manner of situations, and adopting its philosophies will help us to consolidate the human race’s position in a future dominated by machines. Learning to be WEIRD is something you can do yourself, even if you don’t buy the book. Take a look at the attributes that we use and see where you can start making improvements in your organisation.

WEIRD stands for Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility, and (Self) Development. Using and encouraging these attributes allows employees to manage their own work without being burdened with excessive bureaucracy or decision-making policies. In fact, being WEIRD allows employees to get on with the parts of their jobs that produce results and ensures that employees are engaged..

WEIRD is a mindset, not a step-by-step instruction manual for companies to use out of the box. Each company has a different combination of people that make it work, so each company needs a methodology that fits their culture and ethos.

Implementing WEIRD is not about telling people how to work, but about giving employees the freedom to decide what is best for them, and by extension the company. How you use WEIRD is entirely up to you – that’s the only way it will work.